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How to treat cellulitis

How to treat cellulitis

Cellulitis is a condition that causes development of infection on the skin caused by a wound or injury and exposure to certain bacterial strains. Streptococcus and staphylococcus are the usual strains responsible. It is characterized by warm red and itchy rash and fever. It usually happens in the lower legs and shins. If left untreated […]

Children First Aid

Coughs in Children

  Cough in children is one of the commonest symptoms of an illness present in a child. It may sometimes sound horrifying but it does not usually connote a serious illness. In truth, coughing is considered a healthy reflex that helps protect the airways in the throat and chest Types of Coughs in Children There […]

Managing Childhood Emergencies

Advances in Managing Childhood Emergencies

Great Strides in Childhood Injuries Prevention Some 20 years ago, childhood injuries occurring at home often result in serious consequences. But recent advances in pediatric emergency care and knowledge of pediatric first aid have significantly improved outcome of common childhood emergencies. It is estimated that around 4.5 million children suffer injuries at home each year. […]

Handling Emergencies in the Farm

People working or participating in farm related activities are at increased risk for injuries. There are a lot of uncontrollable environmental factors that can lead to emergency situations. Proper planning and training are essential in mitigating and managing injuries. It is recommended that all individuals who are exposed in farm activities understand and develop basic […]


Basic Tips for Heartburn

Heartburn refers to a burning sensation behind your breast bone—in your chest. Heartburn is usually worse when the person is bending over or lying down. Heartburn is often a common condition experienced by many people and is thus not something to be alarmed about. Certain lifestyle changes and self-help treatment will be enough to alleviate […]