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Learn About PAL Support Certification

Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification is provided to health care workers such as nurses, paediatricians, respiratory therapists and paramedics. The course focuses on specialized skills to make evaluations and treat both children and infants who are seriously ill, with conditions such as cardiac arrest. PALS Support Certification was developed because treatment provided to children who […]

Wheezing: Management, Causes and Treatment

Wheezing refers to a high-pitched whistling sound that occurs during breathing through narrowed airways. It mainly occurs during exhalation but may also be heard during inhalation. Wheezing is usually a sign that an individual may have an underlying breathing problem and sometimes accompanied by coughing and dyspnea (shortness of breath). Often, wheezing is due to […]

Chest compressions and ventilations

What You Need To know About Resuscitation Training

There are several types of resuscitation training provided by approved organizations in Canada.  Some of them include how to apply rescue breathing, how to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation for infants, children and adults and neonatal resuscitation. In addition, there are others such as AED or defibrillator training and how to use it and learning on how mechanical […]