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Sports Medicine Nurse

In sports medicine, one of the crucial members of the medical team is the sports medicine nurse. He/ she has an important and diverse role during sport events because he/ she is expected to render an around-the-clock nursing care as much as possible and at competition venues, his/ her role will involve acting either as […]

Some Popular First Aid Courses

Many people are becoming interested in first aid courses recently and this is because they want to be prepared for situations where emergency services or trained help does not arrives right away and also they feel the need to help other people during their difficult time which can result in saving someone’s life or avoiding […]

Battling Stress Syndrome for First Aiders and Emergency Care Providers

As first aid and emergency care providers, you can expect to be exposed to various traumatic events while providing care to victims. Exposure to these events increases the risk of developing stress syndrome or post-traumatic stress and its long-term problems. It is normal and healthy for a person to experience psychological and physical distress in […]


Bedbugs tend to bite exposed regions of the skin to feed on a person’s blood.  A pesticide called DDT was used to eradicate bedbugs from developed nations of the world; however, the pesticide was later banned due to its high toxicity. Due to the increase in international travel, bedbugs have become a common problem in […]

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