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Treating Back Problems

Overview A very common problem that people have are back issues. In most cases, the back issues that people have are not due to any type of serious disease. In fact, most people who have back issues will find that this pain will leave relatively soon. In most cases, using over the counter pain relief […]

Stress of First Aid

How To Treat A Fever

Overview A fever is when there is a rise in the body temperature that is above the normal body temperature. In most circumstances, a fever is usually the result of an infection. Most individuals have a body temperature of 37’C. However, this can vary by a degree or two depending on the person, and varies […]

Ankle Pain

First Aid For Treating Blisters

Overview When a person experiences a blister, it seems as though a bubble has formed on the skin. Though, this “bubble” is occupied with liquid, and can be quite sore. The reasons for these blisters can be caused anything really. For instance, putting on new shoes, not wearing gloves when working with certain things and […]

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