CPR HCP Classes in Regina

CPR HCP Classes in Regina

The leading supplier of CPR level “HCP” courses within the Regina area is Regina First Aid Ltd. This training partner continues to be providing remarkable patron services and high quality programs from 2008. By having persistence for the best prices and outstanding service, Regina First Aid has risen to a leader of first aid and CPR / AED suppliers in Saskatchewan. Courses are provided regularly all through the week and at extremely competitive prices. All CPR “HCP” classes include training and recognition with the usage of automated defibrillators. Registration for a CPR course may be accomplished by way of phone, e mail or by on-line application. Personal CPR HCP / AED lessons and re-certifications are also available. Head over to Regina First Aid and register for the workplace approved CPR “HCP” and AED course in Regina that meets your schedule.

CPR “HCP” Classes in Regina

Regina First Aid provides a commitment to delivering comfortable and clean training centres that are centrally located throughout the Regina region. Classrooms are thoroughly clean and well maintained. This company emphasizes that a clean and convenient environment is crucial to understanding first-aid and CPR / AED. All course equipment and supplies are also thoroughly cleaned and well maintained.

CPR Class in Regina
CPR Class in Regina

Workplace Approved Certification Awards

All awards given through this company satisfy the highest requirements and meet all work place and school laws. Awards are current for 3 years and are also acceptable all over Canada. All candidates who pass the course will receive a certificate automatically upon successful completion. Students will receive a wallet scale certification but could also acquire a large scale certificate at a small extra fee. Re-certification programs are also available for persons that want to refresh expiring certificates through St Mark James.

CPR “HCP” Course instructors

Regina First Aid only employees the foremost experienced, professional and competent instructors to instruct all CPR HCP courses. All instructors are qualified and trained through St Mark James Training. Teachers are patient and will definitely instruct in a range of methods to help meet the needs of your training methods.

Lowest CPR “HCP” Training Prices in Regina

Regina First Aid proudly supplies the most inexpensive CPR “HCP” instructional classes within your area. All of the costs are clearly indicated on the web page and this company does not have any hidden fees. Training course price consists of taxes, accreditation fees and program manuals.

Regina First Aid is committed to supplying the top quality classes and at the most reasonable costs. Customer satisfaction and a high quality training environment are high priorities with this particular business. Enrol in CPR “HCP” and AED education or re-certifications from a area close to you through Regina First Aid.

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    First Aid Tips – Types of Burns

    Individuals enrolled in workplace approved training programs will learn to recognize and manage four common types of burns.

    1. Heat Burns (also known as thermal burns)

    Heat burns are the most common type of burn. These are burns that come from heat sources such as a hot pot, candle or fire. Heat burns can also be caused via friction.

    2. Chemical Burns

    Chemical are often serious because of the range of chemicals and possible reactions that can occur. Chemical burns are likely to continue to burn as long as the chemical remains on the skin. Common products that cause burns include acids , phosphorus, and alkalies.

    3. Electrical Burns

    Electrical burns are caused due to a contact with a electrical current. When electricity comes into contact with the human body it is transferred to heat which causes the burns. Look for the most serious burns to occur at the entry and exit points of the current.  These burns can be serious as a number of complications can also occur with large quantities of electricity.

    4. Radiation Burns

    Radiation burns are one of the most common burns as they are the burns caused with excessive exposure to the sun (sunburns). Other types of radiant energy, such as x-rays and radioactive material can also cause radiation burns.

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