First Aid For Treating Blisters


When a person experiences a blister, it seems as though a bubble has formed on the skin. Though, this “bubble” is occupied with liquid, and can be quite sore. The reasons for these blisters can be caused anything really. For instance, putting on new shoes, not wearing gloves when working with certain things and so forth. Other causes that might result in blisters:

  • Burning of the skin.
    When a person experiences a blister, it seems as though a bubble has formed on the skin.

    When a person experiences a blister, it seems as though a bubble has formed on the skin.

  • Burns caused by the cold.
  • Spider bites can lead to blisters, like a bite from the brown recluse spider. You will feel discomfort and burning, plus the tissues will start to break down.
  • Pinching of the skin, for example, if you slam your finger in the door it might cause a blister.


When you notice a blister forming, you can treat this by yourself at home.

In some instances, an individual might have to treat a cluster of blisters at the same time. Additionally, infections can occur whether a single blister or a group of blisters. For instance:

  • Chickenpox can cause many blisters on the skin, which will eventually turn into scabs. This is a very infectious sickness.
  • Shingles, which is basically the same virus that causes chickenpox, is usually seen in adults. These blisters typically occur in a group on one side of your body.
  • Hand foot and mouth disease is frequent in kids where blisters start to form on the feet, hands and inside the mouth.
  • Cold sores are bands of tiny blisters that form on the edge of the mouth and the lip. These kinds of blisters can also appear around the genital region when the individual gets genital herpes.
  • Impetigo is when blisters start to appear on the skin due to a bacterial infection.
  • Hair follicles which become infected can cause blisters at the end of the hair strands.
  • Infections from scabies take place when mites hideaway in the skin which results in blisters that form and this also leads to itchiness.
  • Bedbugs can result in blisters to form on any part of the body, and they tend to be extremely itchy.


Treating Blisters and First Aid Treatment

Blisters rarely require medical attention, apart from severe, intermittent cases, caused by burns or due to a major infection.

When treating a blister, try not to burst the blister. You may cause an infection or postpone the time it takes to completely heal. If you want to relieve pressure and you have to burst it, the only method to break a blister is to wipe the area with soap or antibacterial and then use a needle to burst the blister.

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