Canadian CPR Courses

Our providers offer a variety of stand alone CPR courses and re-certifications. Canadian CPR training varies from as little as 3 hours and 25.00 dollars to as much as 8 hours and 60.00 dollars. Contact your employer or teacher if you are unsure which level of CPR is required by your workplace. The following list describes the course content, cost and length of all CPR courses offered by through credible providers such as St Mark James. To register for any one of these CPR courses select your location from the menu bar, side bar or from the selection below.

Canadian CPR level “A”

CPR level “A” is the most basic level of CPR offered by the major providers of Canada. It teaches candidates how to perform CPR only on adult victims. This stand-alone CPR course takes approximately 3 to 4 hours and costs 45.00 dollars. The re-certification fee for this course is only 25.00 dollars.

CPR level “B”

CPR level “B” is slowly becoming the “forgotten” level of CPR. Since CPR has been getting more and more simplistic the need for another level of CPR for additional child victims has become unnecessary.  Other than for emergency childcare first aid, CPR level “B” is not optional for any other first aid course.

Canadian CPR level “C”

Infant CPR training
Learn advanced CPR rescue techniques by using infant CPR mannequins.

CPR level “C” is one of the most popular CPR courses. It encompasses CPR rescues for victims of all ages. The length of the course is approximately 6 hours and costs 55.00 dollars for a full course. CPR level “C” re-certification courses cost only 30.00 dollars and take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Registration and Locations:

To register for any of these CPR courses select your location from the menu bar, from the selection below or from the side menu bar. We teach CPR courses throughout Canada and would be happy to teach you to save a life.