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CPR for Suspected Spinals

CPR HCP training provides advanced training to candidates including the use of advanced equipment, trained backup and how to manage victims of suspected spinal injuries. This page will focus on the latest techniques and methods of immobilizing a patients airway while still being able to ventilate. Participants enrolled in CPR HCP will learn more advanced methods outside […]

What to do with a unconscious victim with a obstructed airway with CPR HCP Training?

In CPR HCP candidates learn to recognize and treat victim that are unconscious and have obstructed airways. The most common first aid and CPR emergency for children involve respiratory emergencies such as obstructed airways. In this post we will go over the steps to recognize and treat victims that have become unconscious due to a […]

Causes of Airway Obstruction – Choking

Candidates enrolled in CPR HCP and any CPR course provided through St Mark James will learn about the causes of and how to prevent airway obstructions, also known as choking. This page will outline the most common causes of airway obstructions. For more information about airway obstructions take a CPR HCP class in Edmonton. St […]

Obstructed Airway Recognition

Participants enrolled in first aid and CPR training will learn to recognize patients with obstructed airways. Without trained intervention a patient with a obstructed airway could suffer brain damage or even death. Participants trained in procedures to clear a patients airway must first learn to recognize the obstructions. Obstructions can be divided into two categories. The most […]

What to do when someone is Conscious and Choking?

One of the scariest things for any parent, friend or loved one to see is someone choking. Choking deaths are very preventable and choking victims can easily be rescued with someone trained in CPR. CPR HCP courses are one of the classes in which candidates will learn to recognize and treat victims of choking emergencies. […]

How to do CPR HCP on a Adult

Health care provider CPR, also known as CPR HCP, is one of the most intensive CPR courses offered through the major providers. This course is designed for people that work in the health care industry and have access to CPR equipment and work with other staff trained in CPR HCP. This material posted in this […]

CPR HCP involves the use of artificial respiration devices for personal protection. This one is the bag valve mask used in the photo.

CPR HCP Methods

The material posted on this page is detailed information on how to treat a patient, with CPR HCP techniques, that is unconscious, with a pulse and not breathing. To learn these methods and procedures enrol in CPR HCP training in Surrey. All of our training partners are located in our “locations” page. CPR level HCP […]

Barrier Devices and Disease Transmission During CPR

Participants enrolled in CPR training will learn about disease transmission and safety when providing care for patients that need basic first aid or CPR. Prevention of disease transmission and utilizing barrier devices is a integral part of workplace approved first aid and CPR training. Participants should also be aware of techniques and procedures of prevention […]

Care for Seizures

Problem: Would you be capable of going through some fundamental techniques for managing patients with convulsions? We interact with youngsters with autism and a couple of them experience seizures. People of seizures can be divided into two distinctive groups. Seizures may occur once in a lifetime through a dramatic blow and / or hit to […]

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