CPR HCP Training in Ottawa

CPR HCP Courses in Ottawa, Ontario
CPR HCP Courses in Ottawa, Ontario

The top supplier of workplace-approved CPR “HCP” classes in the Ottawa area is Ottawa First Aid Ltd. This provider continues to produce superb customer service and top-quality classes since 2007. With persistence for low prices and great service, Ottawa First Aid has increased to one of the largest first-aid and CPR suppliers in Ontario. Courses are provided regularly throughout the week and also at extremely reasonable prices. All cardiopulmonary resuscitation level “HCP” courses incorporate instruction and certification in the usage of automated external defibrillators (AED). Application for any CPR course can be completed thru telephone, electronic mail, or online application. Personal CPR HCP and AED lessons and re-certifications are also offered. Check out Ottawa First Aid and sign up for the workplace-approved CPR “HCP” and AED class in Ottawa that suits your time frame. Click Here to Register for Workplace Approved CPR HCP Courses in Ottawa, Ontario

CPR Training Centres in Ottawa

Ottawa First Aid provides a promise to offer high-quality and organized classrooms that are situated all through the Ottawa area. Classes are clean and well-maintained. This company emphasizes that a clean and pleasant environment is crucial to understanding first aid and CPR abilities and knowledge. All of the course gear is comprehensively cleaned and well maintained.

Workplace approved CPR “HCP” Awards and Certificates

CPR Training Center in Ottawa
CPR Training Center in Ottawa

Many of the certificates provided thru this training partner fulfill the highest requirements and fulfill many workplace and educational requirements. Certificates are valid for 36 months and they are also pertinent all over Canada. All of the students which successfully finish the program will receive a workplace-approved certificate automatically upon completion. Students will receive a small-scale card but can also obtain a large-scale certificate at a minimal additional charge. Re-cert classes are also available for individuals that are looking to renew expiring awards via St Mark James Training.

Knowledgeable and Experienced CPR Trainers

Ottawa First Aid only employs the most skilled, knowledgeable, and effective teachers to teach CPR HCP / AED courses. All course instructors are certified and trained through St Mark James Training. Teachers are diligent and will definitely instruct in a range of methods to help cater to your learning means.

Most Competitive Prices in Ottawa

Ottawa First Aid proudly has the most inexpensive CPR “HCP” and AED courses within your region. All prices are plainly presented on the web page and this corporation does not have any hidden fees. Class prices come with taxes, certification fees, and course books included.

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    Ottawa First Aid is dedicated to providing the best classes at the most affordable rates. Customer support and a relaxing learning environment are high priorities within this supplier. Enroll in CPR HCP / AED classes or renewals at an area close to you through Ottawa First Aid.

    First Aid Tips – Using your bystanders

    Individuals enrolled in workplace-approved training programs will learn to effectively use bystanders to help with any emergency situation. A good rescuer will manage to find and use bystanders to assist with the following tasks.

    • 1. Help make the scene safe.
    • 2. Ensure that all the casualties are accounted for.
    • 3. Find necessary equipment such as first aid kits, barrier devices, and automated external defibrillators (AED)
    • 4. Help control the crowd
    • 5. Contact emergency medical services and individuals trained in the use of AEDs.
    • 6. Provide first aid and help with CPR under the rescuer’s direction.
    • 7. Take Notes
    • 8. Help with the secondary survey by checking for a pulse and finding medical alert bracelets.
    • 9. Help treat for shock by reassuring other individuals.
    • 10. Assist medical personnel to get to the scene.

    To learn more about first aid and how to effectively use bystanders enroll in workplace-approved training programs today.

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