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First Aid To Treat A Stroke

Overview Generally defined, a stroke is a type of brain injury that takes place whenever the blood supply to the brain becomes interrupted. This is something that can happen for a few different reasons. Typically, doctors separate strokes into three different cases depending on what the specific cause is: Hemorrhagic: This is a type of […]

Heart palpitations

Heart palpitations

The feeling you get of your heat ‘racing’ or pounding is called heart palpitations. Heart palpitations can be felt in the chest, neck and throat. These are common feelings many people get: Feeling unusual about your heartbeat Feeling as if your heart skipped a beat Note that your heart rhythm may be completely normal while […]


Basic Tips for Heartburn

Heartburn refers to a burning sensation behind your breast bone—in your chest. Heartburn is usually worse when the person is bending over or lying down. Heartburn is often a common condition experienced by many people and is thus not something to be alarmed about. Certain lifestyle changes and self-help treatment will be enough to alleviate […]

Chest Pain

First Aid For Heart Attacks

Heart Attack: First Aid Prompt treatment is crucial when a person is suffering from a heart attack. Unfortunately, an average person waits 3 hours before he seeks help after observing the symptoms of a heart attack and many patients die before they can even reach the hospital. A heart attack is a health emergency and […]