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Many people are becoming interested in first aid courses recently and this is because they want to be prepared for situations where emergency services or trained help does not arrives right away and also they feel the need to help other people during their difficult time which can result in saving someone’s life or avoiding sever injuries. Therefore, it is also important to know about vital as well as popular first aid courses you should go for in order to get the maximum out of your training and taking first steps to be philanthropist. This articles lists down some popular first aid courses from which you can choose the one that suits you.

Basic First Aid Course

Basic first aid course, as name suggests provide you training on basic level and covers different areas such as Hypothermia, Adult CPR, Bleeding control, broken/fractured bones, head and neck injuries and burn treatment. But this training won’t cover all these areas and only few or one of them is focused and mostly it is bleeding control and applying necessary first aid medicines on the affected areas/injuries sustained. However, this type of course helps you to reach the next level with some basic knowledge. Such courses are mostly suitable for parents, baby-sitters and any other person who wants to have basic know-how of helping other people.

Advanced First Aid Course

This type of course also covers pretty much the same stuff basic course covers; however advanced level means that apart from Adult CPR there are other CPR procedures as well such as Infant CPR, Children CPR and CPR for Elderly people all of them are performed differently which means each type should be learned in order to be able to provide proper CPR to the affected people of different age groups.

Mostly such courses come with certifications but it’s not necessary to get one unless you want to get into healthcare and make a career out of it. Although basic level provides enough knowledge but some people feel the need to do more by knowing more for those people and medical professionals, advanced level course can be quite beneficial.

Specialized First Aid Course

These courses can come with different names, however such courses are designed to specialize in one are for instance CPR as mentioned earlier has also further types and someone who specializes would know infant, children, adult and elderly related CPR techniques. Moreover different other areas such as burn treatment can also be specialized such as knowing the degree of burns from the scale of 1 to 3, how to tend the wounds properly so no more damage is done. Specialization is good if you want to stay in one area and help other people.

All these courses however make you more confident so you don’t panic during any emergency and as compared to general public you would know how to react to such situations and take care of the victim until trained help arrives.

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