How to get a Valid CPR Certification in Canada

Attend practical training in a classroom to get CPR certification

Attend practical training in a classroom to get CPR certification

Have you ever been to a party and someone starts to choke? These are very common problems that can occur even at home. Therefore, it is important to have CPR certification in order to be able to handle such instances effectively. This provides you with the knowledge on how to prevent death or more health problems that may occur out of such scenarios.  Before selecting any class to get the certification in Canada, you should make sure it is helpful enough for the time and money spent taking the course.


Check the Organizations that Recognize the CPR Certification Course

In order to ensure that the course is of substantial value, it must be recognized in the entire country. You need to ask yourself whether the course is relevant to your position. With the many approved institutions offering these certifications, you need to first seek advice on which among the many courses is aligned to your position. Taking the CPR certification course from a recognizable organization will give you the value or your money and get a certificate that may even be recognized internationally.

 Consider the Course Materials and Syllabus Offered

Most of the courses provide instructions on CPR techniques and ways of dealing with emergency situations. For more efficient learning, you need to look for a course that has videos that offer practical instructions on the various techniques that should be applied. Such tutorials are important because it may be hard to learn unless you watch somebody in a simulated setting or doing it practically.

 The Examination System

Most of CPR certification courses, especially those offered online focuses on quizzes to gauge the level of understating of the trainees. This ensures that the trainees attain the required scores to get certified. The best classes are the one that provide the certificate if a trainee scores more than 75 percent. Any CPR class that offer certificates for score lower than 40 percent is not the right one to get the certification.

Understand the Period in which the Certificates are Valid

Never fall victim of many organizations in Canada that allege that their CPR certificates are valid for life. Even the CPR certification provided by the most recognizable course providers such as the Canadian Red Cross is valid for five to six years. This is determined by the length of time you learned before taking your final exam. For online courses, the certificates are varied for two years.

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