Causes Of Indigestion (Acid Reflux And Heart Burn)

Overview Of Indigestion

  • Do you keep feeling a slight pain or uneasiness in the region between your bellybutton and the lower section of your breast bone? You could be experiencing indigestion or heartburn.
  • Indigestion is a general problem with individuals from all age groups.
  • The best way to escape spells of nausea, swelling and the strange feeling of fullness after eating meals is to detect the causes.
  • Here are some general causes that could be disturbing your digestive well-being:

Poor Diet

Indigestion is a general problem with individuals from all age groups.

Indigestion is a general problem with individuals from all age groups.

  • If you’re always in a rush to eat your meal, indigestion will certainly become more regular for you.
  • Consuming heavy or big meals without eating correctly can result in intestinal problems.
  • Curried, greasy and oily foods can also activate indigestion. Also, avoid overindulging if you win to avoid ingestion or an acid reflux.
  • Eat gradually and chew your food correctly.

Excessive Amount Of Alcohol

  • Alcohol dries out the skin which causes the cells to diminish or injured. If you drink too much, your digestive well-being will clearly be compromised.


  • Cigarette smoke is harmful to health in numerous ways and inferior digestion is one of the problems it has on your body. It eradicates your desire for food by injuring the digestive enzymes.
  • When the digestive enzymes are damaged the food stays undigested for a longer period of time.

Beverages Containing Caffeine

  • Tea, coffee and other caffeine items are well-known causes of acidity and GERD.
  • Research suggests that they delay relaxation of the abdominal muscles, resulting in delayed gastric draining. This will result in cramps and swelling.

Worry and Stress

  • The hormonal surge produced during traumatic circumstances could be a cause for poor digestion.
  • Research also advises that dyspepsia can be a result of extreme stress, nervousness and despair.

Misuse of Drugs

  • Some drugs like sedatives and supplements might relax the esophageal muscles and therefore abdominal acids seep back.
  • This can result in indigestion like heart burn and acid reflux.

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