3 Main Aims of First Aid Courses

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Performing a basic act of first aid within a few seconds on a victim in need of emergency medical attention can make a difference between life and death. However, without the knowledge of basic first aid like CPR it almost impossible to render help to a victim in need when you find yourself in the position to help. Generally, main aim of First Aid Courses is to help stabilize a victim in need of emergency medical care until the paramedics arrive to take him or her to the hospital.

Described below are three main aims of First Aid Courses:

  • Preserve the Life of the Victim:

The first thing that should come to your mind when you are in the position to help the sick, the injured or any victim in need of emergency medical attention, is to preserve life by carrying out emergency first aid procedures. Anexample would be to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – CPR a procedure thought in First Aid Courses; to a victim of cardiac arrest. The procedure involves performing chest compressions and rescue breaths to keep the victim alive until the paramedic arrives to take over. Another example is an unconscious patient. When a victim is unconscious, try to open the victim’s airway by placing one hand on their forehead and tilt the victim’s head backwards. This is because; when someone is unconscious, their tongue might have fallen backwards and blocked their airway. The First Aid procedure described is the first step in opening their airway. These are acts of preserving the life of the victim.

  • Prevent the Condition of the Victim from Deteriorating:

It might take a while before the ambulance arrives; therefore it is very important to try to prevent the victim’s condition from deteriorating. For example, by applying iodine to clean a cut and applying plaster stop the bleeding and preventing from infection is preserving the life of the victim. Another example is a victim of a fall or injury. You should make sure the victim stays still to prevent movement of possible fractures or spinal injury. These are acts of preventing the victim’s condition from deteriorating

  • Promote the Recovery of the Victim:
First Aid Courses
First Aid Courses

Make sure while you are trying to preserve the victim’s life and trying to prevent his or her condition from deteriorating you arrange emergency professional medical help. You might be alone and busy trying to apply first aid on the victim but as soon as you get the chance even when the victim is stabilized you must call an ambulance or a nearby hospital directly. When calling, make sure you give precise information about the location of the incident, nature of the victim’s condition and any other question the responder might ask you. Most people in this situation panic when calling for emergency help try to be calm as possible.

One of the most important lessons taught in a First Aid Course is that saving lives can be very rewarding and fulfilling but you should also be aware of any potential danger to yourself while trying to help; it is not wise to put yourself in any danger while trying to help it best you just call an ambulance it the incident is too dangerous to approach.

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