Important First Aid Pointers For Coaches

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If you are a coach and you lack knowledge about first aid, there could be a lot of negative consequences waiting for you and your team. Yes, coaches have a tough job – they are parents, friends and leaders of a team, but most importantly, they need to recognize the need of every players. We need to be aware that almost all kinds of sports-related injuries are preventable with proper management and recognition.

Although the first aid course requirement for coaches is necessary, it still depends from one location to another location or from one university to another. The mandated coaching programs indeed exist, yet there should be sufficient programs to include first aid certifications for coaches.

Here are some important pointers for coaches to keep in mind:

Helping Players Become Aware Of Safe Play

Every coach need to know how to perform CPR, especially in critical situations.
Every coach need to know how to perform CPR, especially in critical situations.

Whenever we accept the roles and responsibilities of a coach, it means that we already carry the responsibility of every player’s safety and protection. Although players share similar responsibilities for their own safety and protection, their capability to understand how to play safely, how they perform or practice safely, and whether they do it the right way, may not be enough. This means that coaches need to help them become aware of the right and safe practices while playing.

Do Not Assume That You Know It All

We have to face the truth that there are certain cases where your knowledge about first aid may not be enough. Even if you have proper training or certification, there are numerous incidents that only professional medical services can determine. As an important guideline, we need to play it safe, always call emergency assistance if we are unsure of what to do.

Plan Ahead Of Time

A good coach should always have a well-laid plan for keeping the safety of their players. They should have a list of the usual things to do in case of emergency, such as steps in dealing with different kinds of injuries, planning for more severe emergencies, keeping a copy of emergency hotline, checking the condition of players before playing, as well as preparing the contents of first aid kit before a game.

CPR Is A Must

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an invaluable first aid technique that is very necessary for coaches to learn about. Even if you have prepared all the necessary first aid materials before a game or even plan ahead of time, if you do not know how to perform a CPR, you still run the risk of putting your players’ lives in danger.


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