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Bandages or Dressings

First Aid For Treating A Concussion

Overview Generally defined, a concussion is a more short-term disturbance that is created in the brain whenever someone suffers a head injury. Concussions can generally cause the following issues: Headaches, dizziness, and/or confusion Losing consciousness for no more than half an hour or even no loss of consciousness Amnesia, or loss of memory, that lasts […]

Keeping the head still is important to prevent further injuries to the head and spinal cord.

Emergency Education – Techniques to Assist Patients during Spinal Injury Emergencies

Spinal injury, also known as spinal cord injury or SCI, is a very serious condition, because it can result to paralysis and/or permanent disability on the injury site. The most common affected sites of the injury include the back of the neck, the spinal region down, and the lower back. Fortunately, you can lessen the […]

Arm Injuries

Arm Injuries: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

An arm injury refers to damage to any of the structures in the arm, often occurring as a result of injury. Most arm injuries occur from falls and accidents. Arm injuries usually include arm contusions, arm dislocations and arm fractures. Soft tissue injuries of the arm include lacerations, stab wounds, puncture wounds and abrasions. A […]