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Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain involves pain or discomfort felt in or around in one or both of the ankle joints. The ankle joint allows the foot to move up and down.Pain in the ankle is usually caused by inflammation or injury to any of the structures in the area. These include the bones, joint space, cartilage, muscles, […]

Bandages or Dressings

Bandages / Dressings

First Aid Classes – Bandages / Dressings Dressings and bandages are very important and are a big part in workplace approved Training. They are applied to wounds in order to protect them from infection, and sometimes to apply pressure to control bleeding. First Aid Classes – Dressings Where possible, a sterile dressing should be used […]

Injury assessment

General Guidelines in Role Delineation Competencies

[heading style=”1″]workplace approved CPR HCP Courses explains about role delineation competencies as crucial part in first aid.[/heading] Injury Assessment is a crucial part in first aid and training plays a vital role. It is the first phase upon approaching the scene of the injury or ill condition. Individuals who have undergone first aid training in […]