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Keeping the head still is important to prevent further injuries to the head and spinal cord.

Emergency Education – Techniques to Assist Patients during Spinal Injury Emergencies

Spinal injury, also known as spinal cord injury or SCI, is a very serious condition, because it can result to paralysis and/or permanent disability on the injury site. The most common affected sites of the injury include the back of the neck, the spinal region down, and the lower back. Fortunately, you can lessen the […]

Some Important Things You Need To Know About Diabetes Emergencies

Diabetes is a condition characterized by insufficient insulin production of the pancreas. People who have diabetes can easily have increased or decreased blood sugar levels, leading to emergency diabetes cases.  The result of this is the inability of the patient to process carbohydrates, lipids and proteins effectively resulting in imbalance and emergency incidents. People are […]